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Welcome to my world

My Love for God comes first , family second and my creativity comes last .
Creativity is a gift that was giving to me the day I was born into the world.
as a child I had a very active imagination believe me.
I enjoy giving these gifts to others this is very rewarding to me.
I love teaching , sharing and sometimes I even love just showing off.
I enjoy, painting, pine needle basket making, photography, digital art, poetry
knitting , crocheting and genealogy just to name a few.
I am married to a wonderful husband BOB ( Scott ) I have three sons, two daughters, one foster son. and 11 grand children , 5 great grandchildren.
Life is a adventure and I am still traveling and learnng .
I am retired now but volunteer at Poplar Grove Plantation when they need me.
I now have time for my all of my arts and crafts that I enjoy, 
I worked at Cape Fear Memorial Hospital and retired in 1996 then went to Poplar Grove as a tour guide now I am retired from Poplar Grove .
Thanks for taking the time to visit my site--Hugs Barbara Covil West ( Bobbie )

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  1. Playing around with Haiku

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    Haiku Rose Poem

    Red Rose Haiku Poem
  2. Barbs Blog Post

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    Fifteen Baby Muscovy ducks  born two months ago Abbie and babes resized

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Stories By Barb

Grandpas Country Store In 1912 Lewis Covil opened and General Store on his property on Highway 17 between Jacksonville NC and Wilmington North Carolina. It was the only store on that Highway seventeen between Jacksonville and Wilmington NC. It served everyone for miles around. The store was opened from 6:30 am until 9:00 at night, except on Saturday when it was usually opened until around midnight, Sunday the store was closed. It carried most everything a country family needed to survive. The entire family worked in the store, and never regretted the experience as it helped them in later years. Math became easy after having to learn to total orders up the family said. The family recalled some of the items that were in stock, groceries except for meat, which required refrigeration. However, the iceman came on Friday so both fresh and smoked sausage was carried for the week-end customers. Big Oil sausage were dipped from glass jars, and sold for five cents. Johnnycake was a penny. Candy for several pieces was a penny. A large slice of cheese cut from a round, was ten cents. White meal was ten cents a pound. Lard dipped, from a lard stand into a wooden tray and sold by the pound. Molasses pumped from a large wooden barrel into whatever the customer had brought with him, usually a tin bucket. Dry Good included cloth, as a bought dress was never heard of. Homespun for sheets and pillow cases, as well as undergarments, shirts, pants, overalls, shoes, stockings, socks, hats, long johns, bloomers, oil cloth, and other things, too numerous to mention. Patent medicine, including Castoria, turpentine, aspirin, sweet Oil, Liter, Castor Oil,, Sloan’s Liniment to name a few. Later when cars were more plentiful he sold gas, oil and tires inner tubes and a few car parts were added. A full line of chicken and Animal Feeds also were sold. Alcoholic or spirits “as most old timers called it,” was never sold in the country store. He said he would rather starve than do so. During the depression, he carried the accounts of quite a few whites and blacks. In his last years Lewis carried very little stock, being unable to look after it, he just had a place where his friends could come, sit and talk to him and not be under Mrs., Nellie's feet. He was well liked and respected. “I have never seen a longer Funeral Procession anywhere around here when he passed away, “his friends both black and white, came to Prospect Cemetery to say Good Bye.


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